Sermon: Without Excuse

Bible talk by Steve Millay

Without Excuse
September 12th, 2013 7:59 pm     A+ | a-
Reading Romans 1:16 to Romans 2:16

The world keeps turning, and the clocks keep ticking. The sun rises up in the morning, the sun sets at night. But each day we are a day closer, a day closer to the time when each of us will be brought before the judgment seat of Christ. On that day, we will see for the first time with our own eyes – the Lord Jesus. On that day, we will hear for the first time with our own ears, words spoken by him. To some the moment will be beautiful. To others the moment will be one of deep pain.
For now we wait. For how long, we do not know. God has set the time and season of our judgment. We do not know the date. All we know is that when it happens, it will happen quickly and there will be no time to think.
It will be a moment unlike any other moment that we have ever known. One minute it will seem just like any other day. We may be washing the dishes, we may be at work, we may be ready a book, we may be talking to a friend. And then, as quick as the blink of an eye – it will happen. Suddenly a strange feeling may come over us. The hairs of our neck may quiver, our fingers may tingle. Our thoughts may be in a daze. In that moment our faith will be made whole. We will see with our own eyes a world that we only see now by faith.
One of these days it will happen and it will happen very suddenly.
Jesus taught that two will be together in the same field, the one will be taken and the other left. There will be no time to say good-bye, no time to wash up.
Two will be together in a house, one will be taken and the other left. There will be no time to change clothes, no time to warn others. There will be no time left to do good deeds, no time left to get oil. There will be no time left to make peace or to give to the poor. There will be no time left to make the changes we wanted to make before the return of Christ.
And at this point that will be it. If we are ready we will be ready. If we are not ready we won’t be ready. The line will have been drawn and there will be no way to postpone that moment any longer.
And this will be the moment that we have waited our whole life for. There will be no doubt about what is happening. It will be as clear as lightning that flashes through the sky. When the Angel comes to get us, we will know that the Master has finally called us to meet with him.
Where will we be taken? There are some indications from scripture that we will be gathered to the Mountain of the Lord, the mountain of judgment, the Mountain of Sinai. It will be a place that will be hidden from the rest of the world. Jesus was asked where we would be taken. He answered in a proverb by saying “where the carcass is, there will the vultures be gathered together.” It was his way of saying you don’t need to know because wherever I am you will be gathered to be with me.
Listening to the news today just makes one sick. Reading and hearing about all the horrible things that men do to other men. There is so much evil all around us.
I have been blessed in many ways. God has given me hope of the coming Kingdom, a beautiful wife, two lovely daughters, a nice home, and a job that pays the bills. Although I have all these things and should be the happiest person on earth, inside I am not happy inside knowing all the suffering that is around us. The older I get, the more I feel the pain of those that suffer around us.
The tragedy that comes from the natural forces of nature or disease are bad enough, but when you add to that the senseless violence that comes at the hands of men it is unbearable to think of the evil that men do. Committing suicide by shooting as many strangers as you can, a father murdering his 7 year old son and his 3 year old daughter and then burning them and shoving the remains in a chest, a stranger shooting two young girls over and over again in the face and chest for no reason at all, or a father stomping on and kicking his infant child to death while others witness the horror and are unable to stop him. The world is just filled with evil and we hear about it so often and so much that it gets to a point where we just can’t take anymore.
The bible teaches of a coming day when God will have had enough all the terrible things than men are doing to other men. It will be a time when His fury just will not be held back any longer, but it will come up in His face. It will be a time when the wicked will finally answer for their deeds.
Enoch prophesied of the coming Day of Judgment. He said the Lord comes with ten thousands of His Holy Ones. (The Holy Ones are the glorified saints, so this prophecy speaks of a time that will happen after the household of God is judged.) Enoch goes on to say “He will come to punish all the wicked for all the wickedness that they wickedly committed.”
Today the wicked, those who reject the One True God, these wicked speak proud words, denying powers that they don’t even know anything about. These vain thinkers speak evil of a world that they can’t see. These wicked do everything in their might to keep God out of their lives, not realizing that the very same God they deny is giving them the breath to live. They reject the creation, believing instead that the earth with all its stores of wonders is all just by accident.
They truly are like irrational, unreasonable animals that defile themselves with their filthy deeds. There is little faithfulness left in the world, fornication and adultery are out of control and men do unholy things with other men.
The world makes idols out of other people. They elevate rock stars, athletes, actors and actresses. This generation makes and watches countless movies and shows. They fill this entertainment with violence, adultery, and filthy language. People watch these creations of men and take pleasure in them, laughing at the filth. Wanting more and more! This generation is so engrossed with seeing things killed and destroyed in movies that they have no conscience about just how evil it all is.
But Enoch teaches that God will come and destroy all these things.
It is one thing to read the prophecy, but it is another thing to really take in what it is teaching. When it say that God will come and destroy all these things we are not just speaking about things and people that we don’t know. The sad thing is that included in the judgments may be people and things that we each know personally. Not just popular movies stars and musicians and sports heroes, but maybe even family members and friends and according to Jude even those who may feast with us.
Job understood that the wicked are reserved to the day of destruction. He states that they will be brought forth to the day of wrath and God will at that time repay them with His Vengeance.
Even Solomon writes that a day comes when God will judge both the righteous and the wicked. There is a time and purpose for every work. There is a time when God will bring everything, the hidden things, the open things, the good things and the bad things, everything into judgment.
Daniel records that the righteous will receive everlasting life. But the wicked will be brought to everlasting shame and disgrace.
Today, though, it seems that if you are wicked, if you are ungodly, if you give into your desires that you will end up having a much better life. Today the wicked are prospering, while the truly religious keep getting smaller and smaller.
Paul taught that all men, everywhere, are commanded to repent, because a day has been chosen when God will judge the secrets. Peter teaches that the godly will be delivered in the Day of Judgment but the unjust; the wicked are reserved unto fire and judgment to be punished.
Peter also taught that the time will come when the judgment MUST begin at the house of God. God will first judge His people. And we know that the righteous will just barely be saved and therefore there will be no place for the ungodly and sinners.
A-saph, who was a Levite musician and served in the temple of God, taught God will come and not keep silence. He will call to the heavens above and to the earth below that He may judge His people. He says “Gather my saints together unto me, those that have made a covenant by sacrifice”.
We are among those saints that have made a covenant with the Living God. We confirm that covenant every time we eat and drink of the emblems set before us. The new covenant sealed by the blood of Jesus.
In Romans we read that we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ and each of us will give an account of our lives to God. It is interesting that the word account is from the Greek “Logos”. This is the same Greek word that is translated “Word” in John chapter 1. Logos is translated to mean purpose, reason or motive. Therefore when we will be brought before the judgment seat of Christ so that we will be giving reason or motive for if we should live or die.
There should be no doubt that the scriptures, from start to end are filled with the teachings of the coming Judgments of God.
 “So say to those that are of a fearful heart, be strong, and fear not. Behold your God will come with vengeance, with terrible recompense; he will come and save you.”
That is really what it all about. It about saving us, and saving this world from what it has become. So that we can live in an age where the earth becomes what it was meant to be. A land filled with peace. Where we are no longer afraid about what will happen next, where we always will have plenty to eat, where our neighbor is kind and the work we do is not in vain. It will be a time when what is truth will be clear and everyone will be in agreement. A time when we will be free from disease and our bodies will be strong. It will be a day when we can believe in our leaders and sit together with the faithful of old. It will be a time when we can journey throughout the earth without being afraid and can truly enjoy the beauty of the creation.
So therefore...
If you are struggling and every day is harder, and you can feel your body getting weaker. And you can feel pain that you have never felt before – HOLD ON, THE LORD IS COMING.
If every turn in your life seems just to bring more sorrow, and you are afraid what each new day may bring, and if your tears don’t make the pain go away – REJOICE, THE LORD IS COMING.
If you feel tired, exhausted unsure how long you will be able to keep going. If the battles are getting harder and harder to endure, then WAKE UP, THE LORD IS COMING.
If the pain inside hurts more and more each time a brother or a sister just turns away from the truth, if you wonder who will be next and when will the hurt end, BE OF GOOD CHEER, THE LORD IS COMING.
If you have grown tired of holding on, and find your self consumed in the affairs of this life. To busy to read, to busy to pray, to busy for God then BEWARE, THE LORD IS COMING.
If you no longer find joy in reading the bible. If you instead find joy in eating and drinking with drunks. If your days are filled with the business of life then WATCH OUT THE LORD IS COMING.
If the truth is just to much work, if you find it easier just to blend into society, if your conscience is no longer bothered by the evil that you do then LOOK OUT THE LORD IS COMING.
If you have walked away from the truth in your heart, no longer feeling the passion that was once inside, no longer caring about others, no longer doing the good, if you instead hurt your spouse, neglect your children, can’t stand your brethren then TREMBLE FOR THE LORD COMES.
The world keeps turning, and the clocks keep ticking. The sun rises up in the morning, the sun sets at night. But each day we are a day closer, a day closer to the time when each of us will be brought before the judgment seat of Christ. On that day, we will see for the first time with our own eyes – the Lord Jesus. On that day, we will hear for the first time with our own ears, words spoken by him. To some the moment will be beautiful. To others the moment will be one of deep pain. 

Steve Millay
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