Bible Talks (Sermons)

Days of Noah
December 3rd, 2018 1:25 am
Matthew 24:37-39

Our power went out for about 24 hours this past week. You don’t realize how dependent you are on power until you are without it, and then life seems to stop. Even the simple things like brushing your teeth become difficult. Without a nice hot shower to start your day, you end up feeling dirty and grimy. Without the noise and distraction of music, television or computer you just sit around feeling lost. Our lives have become very dependent on the power grid, but it wasn’t always like that. A couple hundred years ago there was no power grid, there were no power outages. These things are unique to our time and the generations that we live in.

There is something else that is unique to the time we are living in. The bible tells our generation that we are ignorant of something. That is that we are ignorant of something pretty major. Not only are we ignorant of this major thing but we are willingly ignorant of it. We choose to ignore it.

This generation, our...
Like a Thief
October 21st, 2018 4:01 pm
Like a thief
2 Peter 3:3-10

The prophecies about the last days are sobering and somewhat scary. There have been so many talks about the last days that you would think that this room would be overflowing with believers who are waiting for the return of Christ. There are warnings and there are signs. Over and over again the bible tries to appeal to people to get ready so that the day of the Lord will not come as a surprise.

But at the same time we all feel the pull of the world grabbing at us. These are difficult days and our faith is challenged every time we wake up to a new day. The world is telling us that this all is a waste of time. Christ is not coming, and that there is no Christ. They say that religion is outdated and even dangerous. They tell us not to beat ourselves up over our sins, just to accept them and be happy. Get drunk, indulge, take pleasure, enjoy and you will live a much happier life than the bible promises you.

The world teaches that the bible is just...
August 26th, 2018 8:48 pm
Reading:  Eccl 12

And there you have it; this chapter is about our life.  It mentions our youth, it talks about our old age.  It tells of our purpose.

The most important advice given is to remember the Creator when you are young.   There is a reason for this and if you teach your children about God when they are little you are giving them more than an education about the bible.  You may also be saving their life when they are older.

This is because we all start out young and life back then was so simple and so innocent.  This past week I was able to help babysit my grandson Jaxson for a couple of days.  He has to be the happiest baby in the world.  When you pick him up and look at him, he looks back at you and then breaks into a very big smile.  His eyes sparkle and you can tell that he is happy. 

His only problem is he doesn’t like to sleep.  He loves instead to be carried around so he can see everything around him.  He loves looking at the outdoors and his eyes grow...
The Angel
July 29th, 2018 4:40 pm
Reading: Psalms 34

We read in verse 7 of this chapter that the Angel encamps around those that fear him.   This is another way of saying that the Angel of the Lord dwells very close to those that fear him.

What does this mean?  Was the Angel of the Lord driving in the car with us this morning on the way to meeting? Was the angel of the Lord there watching TV with us last night?   Is the Angel of the Lord now sitting in the chair next to us? 

How involved is the Angel in our life?  Will they keep us from hitting our thumb by accident with a hammer?  Will they prevent us from running into another car on the highway?  Will the keep us from tripping on the stairs?

Do we each have our own angel or does one angel watch over us all collectively?  Do we know if they have ever taken any action to help us?

There are so many questions that it is hard to understand what exactly is meant by this verse.  Perhaps if we look at the context it is written in that might give us a...
January 14th, 2018 5:09 pm
Malachi 3:16-18
They call us believers.  We don’t look any different than they look.  We don’t have a sign on our back telling others we are a believer.  We don’t walk around wearing dark robes and chanting.  But there is something about us that makes us a believer.
It could be that we come to this building each week.  It’s a simple building, but it is one that is dedicated to worshiping the Lord God.  We don’t call it a church, but people who drive by it think of it as a church.

They might call us a believer when we sometimes open up to others and talk about our hope.  We might express a belief in God when we are out in public. It might be because we can be seen saying a prayer before we eat.  It might be because we are never heard cursing. But being a believer involves more than what they may see on the surface.  And sometimes underneath the surface it can be much more complicated.

When the people of Sodom saw Lot, they saw a man who believed.  They saw a man...